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We are proud to announce our Rookie Tackle League!

About Rookie Tackle

Rookie Tackle is a modified game to introduce tackle football to youth players. Designed by USA Football, the Rookie Tackle model is part of the Youth Football Player Development Pathway, which serves as a bridge game from flag to traditional 11-player tackle football.

Unlike traditional 11-player tackle, all players will have the opportunity to learn and play multiple positions. A 7-on-7 format allows for a higher coach-to-player ratio leading to advanced player skill development. Another noticeable difference is the smaller field (40 x 35 1/3) to fit the right age, right stage of the player.

Rookie Tackle is based on the ADM (American Development Model) framework to help all individuals realize their athletic potential and utilize sport as a path toward an active and healthy lifestyle. The ADM is based upon key tenets taken from research and best practices in youth sports, human development, coaching, and the sports science that promote sustained physical activity, health & safety, and age-appropriate development. It is important to note that the ADM is not exclusively a pathway for elite performance but for all individuals to participate for the purposes of activity, health, fitness and performance. Well-designed and conducted sport programs offer a myriad of benefits.